AquaFlask New Zealand Makes A Splash With New Collections

AquaFlask New Zealand Makes A Splash With New Collections

AquaFlask New Zealand is making a splash with a wave of new collections, each designed to quench your thirst in style and functionality. We’ve made a bottle for every personality and adventure, ensuring you stay hydrated while looking your best.

Aurora Collection

AquaFlask New Zealand Aurora Collection

Inspired by the mesmerising dance of the northern lights, the Aurora Collection has bottles that shimmer with captivating colours. Each sip is a visual and refreshing experience, like holding a piece of the aurora borealis in your hand.

Earth Collection

AquaFlask New Zealand Earth Collection

Embrace sustainability and style with the Earth Collection. Made from eco-friendly materials and adorned with beautiful, nature-inspired colours, these bottles reflect your commitment to a healthy planet. Whether you're hitting the trails or strolling through the park, the Earth Collection lets you showcase your love for the environment in style.

Sakura Collection (Limited Edition)

AquaFlask New Zealand Sakura Collection (Limited Edition)

Celebrate the fleeting beauty of cherry blossoms with the Sakura Collection. These elegant bottles, embellished with unique sakura-themed designs, add a touch of tranquillity to your daily routine. Each sip is a reminder to appreciate the impermanent beauty of the world around us.

Terrazzo Collection

AquaFlask New Zealand Terrazzo Collection

Make a statement with the Terrazzo Collection. This collection features captivating terrazzo designs on sleek, stainless steel bottles, offering both peak performance and undeniable flair. The unique patterns ensure your bottle stands out from the crowd, letting your personal style shine.

Dream Collection

AquaFlask New Zealand Dream Collection

Elevate your everyday hydration with the Dream Collection. Featuring a range of sizes and a dreamy, soft-touch finish, these bottles feel as good as they look. Whether you're crushing your daily goals or simply staying refreshed, the Dream Collection keeps your drinks perfectly chilled or hot for hours, all while feeling luxurious in your hand.

Sip Collection

AquaFlask New Zealand Sip Bottles Collection

Convenience meets style with the Sip Collection. Featuring a variety of vibrant colours and sizes, these sleek bottles has a convenient sip lid for easy one-handed refreshment. Whether you're juggling errands, conquering a workout, or simply enjoying a stroll, the Sip Collection lets you stay hydrated effortlessly while adding a pop of colour to your day.

Trek Collection

AquaFlask New Zealand Trek Collection

Conquer any adventure with the lightweight and durable Trek Collection. Made with Tritan plastic, these leakproof bottles can handle the bumps and tumbles of your active lifestyle, ensuring you stay hydrated on every journey. From mountain hikes to long bike rides, the Trek Collection is your reliable hydration companion, built to withstand the elements and keep you going.

Growler Collection

AquaFlask New Zealand Growler Collection

Keep the fun flowing with the massive capacity Growler Collection. Featuring durable stainless steel construction and a secure lid, this growler ensures your beverages stay icy cold for extended gatherings. Perfect for sharing refreshing drinks with friends at barbecues, camping trips, or any outdoor adventure, the Growler Collection lets you keep the party going.

Insulated Mugs Collection

AquaFlask New Zealand Insulated Mugs Collection

Experience the joy of truly temperature-controlled hot drinks with the Insulated Mugs Collection. These compact and leakproof mugs keep your beverages hot for hours, perfect for any adventure. Whether you're sipping your morning coffee on a chilly commute or enjoying a hot cocoa by the campfire, the Insulated Mugs Collection ensures your hot drinks stay hot, allowing you to savour every sip.

Personalise Your Hydration Journey

AquaFlask New Zealand Accessories

AquaFlask doesn't stop at stunning collections. We offer a range of accessories to enhance and protect your bottle. From paracord handles for secure carrying to sports lids and straw lids for convenient hydration, there's everything you need to personalise your AquaFlask experience. Dress up your bottle with a colourful paracord handle, ensure mess-free sipping with a straw lid, or opt for a sports lid for easy one-handed access during workouts. Stylise your hydration with us!

No matter your style or needs, AquaFlask has a bottle for you. With our commitment to quality, performance, and sustainability, AquaFlask allows you to stay hydrated while expressing your personality. Visit our website to find the perfect AquaFlask bottle for you!