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With AquaFlask, the top tumbler brand in the world, up your hydration game. Our tumblers are made from environmentally friendly materials and perfectly combine style and sustainability, making each drink not only pleasant but also a contribution to a greener earth. Today, learn about the cutting-edge in hydration technology.

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Discover the premium tumbler selection from AquaFlask, created to improve your sports hydration and more. Our top-of-the-line tumblers are your go-to friends whether you're hitting the gym, casually hiking or looking to conquer the Mountains, you won’t want to leave home without them. The finest option for individuals who expect the best in every sip is an AquaFlask tumbler, which is engineered for performance, durability, and style.

Casual elegance and timeless beauty

With AquaFlask Premium Tumblers, you may experience the ideal fusion of informal elegance and timeless beauty. These tumblers redefine everyday luxury for individuals who value design without sacrificing functionality.

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Explore our stunning selection of AquaFlask accessories, which have been painstakingly created to enhance your tumbler's beauty and outstanding functionality. Improve your drinking experience with convenient handles, leak-proof lids, and more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Aquaflask an original/authentic brand

Aquaflask is an original brand of insulated water flasks. 100% authentic.

Where is Aquaflask bottle made?

Aquaflask is designed in California, USA and manufactured overseas.

Is Aquaflask a local brand?

Aquaflask is a collaboration of Filipino and American creative designers. It is proudly a Filipino-American brand.

Why is Aquaflask cheaper than the other local international brand?

Aquaflask is cheaper and more affordable that other brands because of the straight pricing from our manufacturer. We reduce other non-essential costs of dealers, distributors and costly marketing/advertising expense.

How is the quality of Aquaflask?

Aquaflask bottles are made of the same high quality material with that of other brands. It passed through global quality standards of vacuum flasks.

Does Aquaflask have a warranty and what its coverage?

AquaFlask has a 1 YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY. The coverage of AquaFlask’s 1 year limited warranty are factory defects such as broken or leaking caps, bottles that seem to have lost their insulating properties, rattling sounds, etc. Occurrences of wear and tear such as bumps and scratches are not covered by the warranty.

Why is there a condensation in my flask?

Condensation usually happens on the upper part where the cap/lid is located. This is normal because the cap is made of thermoplastic material. As far as product development goes, the double wall insulation technology can only be done to the actual flask that holds the liquid. Rest assure, this will not affect the temperature inside the flask. If condensation occurs on the actual flask, do let us know and we will assist you on this matter.

Why does my cold/hot water do not last for 24/12 hours?

When there is no moisture or condensation on the actual flask but the liquid does not last retain its cold or hot temperature, these are factors to consider:a. Temperature of liquid poured into the flask.b. How often the flask lid is removed/opened.

Until when is Aquaflask's introductory price?

The end of the introductory price is not yet decided. It’s best to take advantage of the price right now before it goes back to our original prices.

Will you release other colors that are not available in other sizes of your bottles?

We shall keep you updated with new colors and sizes on our social media pages so make sure to follow us!

Do you sell accessories?

Yes, we have the Boot It Up Silicone Boot, Extra Lids, Carrying Bag.

Can I use the lid/cap/accessories of the other brands for Aquaflask's bottle?

We cannot assure about the fit of other brand’s lids/caps/accessories. However, you may refer to our size and dimension chart to check.

Does Aquaflask have a physical store?

Yes, we do, please refer to the store directory listed in our FB and IG accounts.

I lost my receipt, can I change my Aquaflask?

Unfortunately, no since the receipt is our only way to confirm that the flask was bought from us.